Why Brother Abubakar Shekau (Darul Tawheed), Leader of Boko Haram Should End This Jihad

Subject: Make sure you Reconsider AND HAVE MERCY ON US

I connect with you brother not since I am the son of your mother or a fellow Muslim brother. But you are my brother due to the fact we are equally Nigerians, despite the fact that you have advised us presently that you are the most recent Caliph in the planet. Brother I know you have regard for Usumah bin Muhammad bin Awad bin Ladin (may well God Most Large confess him into Paradise) and Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Al-Husseini Al-Qurashi but I want to attract your notice to Sheikh Uthman dan Fodio (may perhaps God Most High confess him into Paradise), the most influential Islamic scholar in the background of Islam in West Africa and most likely Africa due to the fact he was closer to us than the other two jihadists.

Brother Abu, in September 1804 Shehu Uthman dan Fodio declared the first jihad in Nigeria towards the rulers of Gobir. His factors for the jihad have been
a.The people today of Gobir combine Islam with paganism. The Hausa folks have been mingling the teachings of the Prophet (s.a.a.w) with aspects of the regular regional religion.
b. The rulers of Gobir imposed major tax on the inadequate and oppressed the peasantry.
c.The federal government of the Habe or Hausa rulers were corrupt and inefficient. Citizens could not obtain administrative justice in the legislation court docket devoid of the payment of bribes.
d.The law courts administered customary in its place of Islamic justice. The principal penalties for breaking the law ended up major fines which served to swell the earnings of the state.
e.Commercial guidelines to safeguard the society towards extortion were being not enforced.
f.The Fulani (Uthman dan Fodio’ kinsmen) ended up excluded from the better degrees of govt even even though they were being additional educated.
g.The assassination try on the life of Uthman dan Fodio by Yunfa the ruler of Gobir.

Darul Tawheed, on the 9th day of August, 2009, your sect Boko Haram, declared war on Nigeria. In accordance to your spokesman the good reasons for the declaration of war was as follows
a.The adoption of a Civilised or Western constitution with provisions like the proper and privileges of ladies, the idea of homosexualism, lesbianism, multi-get together democracy, blue films rape of infants, prostitution, drinking beer and liquor and lots of others that are opposed to Islamic civilisation.
b.The killing of your first chief Mallam Yusuf (could God Most Substantial acknowledge him into Paradise) in a callous, wicked and malicious manner.
c.The non-adoption of Sharia rule in Nigeria and
d.The existence of wicked political parties major the country, the corrupt, irresponsible, legal and murderous political leadership of Nigeria.

Brother Abu, I know I am not skilled to handle you simply because I am not your calibre both equally in age, prosperity, dimension, education and learning and fame. Also my devoted fellowship with the “men and women of the E book” is a excellent drawback in speaking to you. Be sure to have mercy on me. I strongly understand that the jihad of Sheikh Uthman dan Fodio which inspired early jihadist like Ahmadu Seku, Alhaji Umar, Samori Ibn and Lafiya Toure also have a wonderful impact on you. A crucial appear at the good reasons for the jihad of Uthman and your very own shows some similarities. But I want to condition categorically that some of the factors for your struggle are real whilst some are not justifiable.

Darul Tawheed, the Nigerian condition has never ever designed legal guidelines to stimulate females to disrespect their husbands, neither have they stopped gals from getting married. All we have done is to make legal guidelines that secure ladies from staying treated like animals. They have to have to be educated and not used as household utensil. Uthman dan Fodio was strongly vocal in women’s education and learning. He introduced the gals out of their houses and place them in just one area and the adult males in a further location and started to often lecture them. My brother, Nigeria is not responsible of this accusation.

The Nigerian National Assembly regardless of all the pressures from the West a short while ago enacted the Anti-Homosexual Regulation, which displays that Nigeria is towards lesbianism and homosexualism. I am quite guaranteed that our leaders will carry on to resist each and every inner or exterior force pressuring them to legalise these abominable functions. I experience we are not responsible of this accusation. Also, this country has guidelines that prohibits drug trafficking and rape and several offenders has been duly punished. We are towards drug trafficking fully and our land forbids rape. But your steps could be realistic since the nations corrupt regulation enforcement agents and the judiciary, which in some cases abandon or transform the law upside-down due to affect of bribe. But by the grace of God all corrupt authorities officers will before long be erased from Nigeria.

Senior brother, the challenge of multi-bash democracy, blue movies, prostitution, drinking beer and alcohol and a lot of other people that are opposed to Islamic civilisation are far more sophisticated. On the matter multi-get together democracy, Sir I can not say much about that for the reason that I sense the men and women ought to elect their leaders. I imagine I know your grievance, all leaders need to be picked by the Almighty. But, I also consider that the voice of the upright majority is a pointer to the will of God. A free of charge and good election will make a great chief.

Pornography, prostitution and alcoholism are all menace to the modern society. They have induced additional damage than superior. Although our government has not made guidelines that forbids these acts, but I only help the prohibition of these societal vices. Practically all the religions in Nigeria preach towards Pornography, prostitution and alcoholism. I also propose that we teach Nigerians the very good information of the Holy Book to prevent the mingling the teachings of the Prophet (s.a.a.w) with facets of the other faith.

The killing of your first chief Mallam Yusuf (might God Most Large confess him into Paradise) in a callous, wicked and malicious way is hugely condemnable. He was not specified truthful listening to but was killed mercilessly. We are guilty of murder. My only comment on this concern is have mercy, clearly show compassion and forgive us of our sin. We simply cannot replace his life but I know we have learnt our classes the hard way.

My brother what I converse now is just a personalized, the element entities that made up Nigeria are not all Muslims. Islam was predominantly the state religion in most part of the northern Nigeria and other regions had their personal faith. Nigeria has never been an Islamic State due to the fact the amalgamation of 1914 introduced distinctive religion alongside one another and insisting that citizens must be transformed to a certain religion may not be attainable. Even Sheikh Uthman dan Fodio by no means pressured Pagans to convert to Islam relatively they were being subjected to security tax. The Nigerian nation has the Sharia Courtroom that has the electricity to attempt all Islam connected cases. I suggest that every single Muslim should really increase the knowledge of the Sharia Regulation, even though other citizens should be authorized to observe their have religion due to the fact jihad is not a declaration of war against other religions. It is really worth noting that the Holy Koran exclusively refers to Jews and Christians as “men and women of the reserve” who ought to be shielded and revered. All a few faiths worship the very same God. Allah is just the Arabic term for God, and is applied by Christian Arabs as perfectly as Muslims. As extensive non-Muslims keep on being meek and eager to reside peacefully amongst the believers and has no intention to overpower the Muslims, your divine obligation is to address them peacefully, despite their denial of Islam. Brother, arrive and make a treaty with the governing administration.

Brother you lifted the difficulty of wicked political get-togethers foremost the state, corrupt, irresponsible, prison and murderous political management of Nigeria as a person of the good reasons for the jihad. My brother I am your 1st witness in this issue. Corruption has eaten deep into the fibres of this nation. Right now corrupt politicians are conferred with Nationwide Honours and main titles. They fly in private jets mainly because they will not want to push on poor roads. They vacation abroad for medicals due to the fact they know that they have turned our hospitals to dying den. Their little ones faculty in the most effective educational facilities overseas simply because they know that our universities rarely make graduates that can contend favourable with their counterparts due to the fact of misappropriation of schooling funds. Abu, we shout and they fake that they are deaf. We cry but it appears to be our tear is unseen. Poverty and loss of life is now the order of the working day. Nigerians die daily in thousands due to the fact of these heartless and wicked politicians. In fact, the number of men and women that have died because of the looting of countrywide cash is less than the number you and your sects have killed. If we sum the number of Nigerians that die each day in vehicle accidents mainly because of terrible roads, all those that shed their life because of to deficiency of medicines or individuals that have died throughout fire outbreaks because of lack of electrical electric power you will agree with me.

If in truth a person of your good reasons for this jihad is to clear wicked political functions, corrupt, irresponsible, prison and murderous political leadership of Nigeria, then the masses is solidly driving you since they are our major problem not you. Brother, I have 1 dilemma for you, given that you started this jihad how several corrupt politician have you punished? All of them and their relatives associates can find the money for the greatest security gadget that will retain them momentary secure. Some of them have even decided to stay outdoors the nation and fly into the country in their non-public jets. The victims of the jihad are the inadequate who you assert to be fighting for. Abu, they are killing us daily and you are also executing the similar, what do you want us to do?

Brother, all these bombings, kidnapping and killing need to end. They promised us that in six months if they are in demand of Yobe, Adamawa and Borno, Boko Haram will be crushed. We gave it to them and they asked for a different six months which they also bought. Now that want a further 6 months and persons are inquiring the youngster you could not defeat when he was crawling how can you defeat him now that he has begun walking?

My heartfelt purpose for producing this post is to say sorry. We are sorry for killing you good chief. We are sorry for marketing pornography, alcoholism and prostitution. I also apologise on the behalf of our greedy and wicked politicians have mercy on them. Try to remember that Prophet Mohammed told his followers returning from a armed forces marketing campaign: “This day we have returned from the minor jihad to the key jihad,” which he stated meant returning from armed battle to the tranquil struggle for self-management and betterment. That is you can defend the faith towards other folks applying authorized, diplomatic and financial to political means. Darul Tawheed, explain to the federal government what you want and quit killing these you want to defend.

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