Academics and Their Contribution to Nationwide Advancement

“The Importance of Lecturers Obligations to any Govt on Education” Teacher’s responsibilities on Education are of quite, extremely strategic value to the govt of any country. Instructors inculcates ethical values/virtues and disciplines, molds the people-behaviors, evokes and impression competencies and expertise and develops personal in a region (mentally, bodily, emotionally, socially and even spiritually) in […]

Safeguards of Creditors

INTRODUCTION: This essay seeks to find out that in present day loan transactions what measures can ensure the repayments; and how effective they are. The essay looks at the customary way of protection: the security _ by way of mortgage and charge; the nontraditional and smart ways that have evolved with the passage of time: […]

How CPD Law Classes Can Prepare You For A Career

CPD legislation courses are serving to countless numbers of lawful pros keep on prime of their necessary education just about every working day and at an very affordable level. Even though the regulation is a complex and multi-layered generation, it is one particular of the utmost necessity for the clean operation of modern society. If […]

Fire Insurance Under Indian Insurance Law

A contract of Insurance comes into being when a person seeking insurance protection enters into a contract with the insurer to indemnify him against loss of property by or incidental to fire and or lightening, explosion, etc. This is primarily a contract and hence as is governed by the general law of contract. However, it […]

Compare Electrical power Prices The Fast and Quick Way On The Online

Seeking to manually examine vitality selling prices of distinctive utility corporations is pretty time and useful resource intensive. As a substitute of likely to diverse utility organizations personally you can conserve a large quantity of time and stress by working with the Internet. The world-wide-web offers the swiftest and least complicated way to check on […]

The Impact of Structured Finance on the Ghanaian Financial Services Industry in the Next 10 Years

A Company can issue bonds to investors secured on the future profits expected to arise from part of its existing life business. When a pool of financial assets (such as car finance, home or commercial mortgages, corporate loans,royalties, leases, non-performing receivables, and contractually pledged operating revenues) are structured and transferred to a ‘special purpose vehicle […]

Implied Licenses and Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights in the United Kingdom

In Robin Ray v Classic FM, the English High Court held that a contractor providing services owns the intellectual property in the materials created for the client. The decision is a useful guide to contractors as it is one of the leading cases in determining the whether a commissioner of intellectual property may use intellectual […]