Voting Legal rights and Disenfranchisement

The Fifteenth Amendment to the United States Structure gave black adult men the proper to vote 5 several years immediately after the Civil War finished. Black girls won that suitable, together with other grownup females, when the Nineteenth Modification was ratified fifty many years later. Nevertheless, obtaining the appropriate on paper and getting able to […]

We Are Not in Kansas Any more

Introduction In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s character found “We are not in Kansas any more.” J. Stewart Black, Allen J. Morrison, and Hal B. Gregersen confront us with some analogous, sobering truth. The world wide leadership ranks are woefully deficient of the expertise required to capitalize on intercontinental option. Black et al. cite four […]

What Are Cyberbullying, Trolling and Cyberstalking?

The Darkish Aspect of Cost-free Speech, Pt 2 Cyberbullying Our society and in all probability most some others have traditionally felt that bullies are lousy information, but that being bullied is also a rite of passage. We typically believe that bullying tends to end with grammar faculty. Absolutely nothing is additional from the truth of […]

What To Do When You Are Not Acquiring Paid out

Just about every single enterprise has assortment challenges from time to time – for some organizations, amassing overdue charges is the single most important difficulty. Normally, by the time a consumer calls me about selection, they have presently run the gamut of common assortment procedures: every month billing, reminder billing, reminder letters, warning letters, telephone […]

Evidence Law in Cyprus

The evidence legislation refers to the principles and lawful rules that determine the evidence of points in a legal proceeding. As the readily available evidence styles the judge’s conclusion, the evidence regulation indicates what proof should really or must not be taken into thing to consider by the Court docket. In Cyprus, the evidence of […]

Audio Recording Legislation in The US

With so considerably good engineering on the market these times, it is simpler to document discussions than at any time ahead of, either about a land line, on a mobile phone or even in-individual with a hidden recording device. Recorded discussions (possibly tape or electronic) are frequently really handy in a wide range of situations. […]

How State Political Parties Can Arrange to Guarantee Politicians Keep on being Moral

The attacks on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021 have emphasised a have to have for voters to grow to be vigilant to only elect politicians with the greatest integrity. Our Founders made the Constitution to help guarantee political candidates ended up men of integrity and they said that individuals politicians should really […]

“Safeguarded Get together” Statutes Give More Safety to California Seniors

California has really potent guidelines shielding seniors – both in the civil realm and in the legal realm. As soon as any California resident reaches the age of 65, he or she is regarded as to be a “guarded get together”. Jaime Levine, Directing Attorney for Elder Law & Advocacy’s Senior Legal Products and services […]