Astrology Compatibility – Why Sunshine Symptoms Cause Confusion

I have been a working towards astrologer for more than 16 a long time, specializing in astrology compatibility. Being considerably of a technophobe, I have mostly averted the internet for much of that time. All excellent factors have to occur to an stop having said that, so listed here I am, now an avid on line reader and writer. When time permits I go through and reply questions on various romantic relationship astrology message boards. Inevitably I examine topics which go like this:

I’m a Leo, am I appropriate with an Aquarius?

Solution 1 — yes!

Solution 2 — no! I am a Leo and I dated an Aquarius. We split up.

Remedy 3 — partnership astrology is stupid. I invested 172 several hours researching that each individual solitary sunlight indication blend has experienced divorces.

Each and every of these solutions is completely wrong, yet generally each and every will get men and women agreeing with it. On forums where votes are cast 1 of these reply is generally selected as getting proper, and submitted absent for long term generations of issue seekers.

So what is going incorrect in this article?

It would seem like every time and anywhere astrology compatibility is talked about on the internet that there is certainly an assumption that sunlight signals are the critical to astrology. I suspect this is largely due to the want to simplify, streamline and condense all the things. Astrology on the other hand is a issue the place simplification typically generates troubles.

The grim actuality is that people are substantially much more than just their sunshine indication, and if you want a ‘real’ solution to an astrology issue, then you’ll need to have a genuine astrology reading. Going just by sunlight signs is practical to get a tough thought of what to hope, but there are several other planets which can override and trample someone’s solar indicator attributes. Each and every man or woman and natal chart is distinctive.

This has led to the attention-grabbing problem in which probably 80% of all details about connection astrology on the world-wide-web is mainly wrong. To qualify that metric, if sunlight signs could be seemed at in a vacuum, then information and facts would be proper. In practice (and people are asking such issue to make authentic existence conclusions, and not as a hypothetical work out) it’s just not that uncomplicated.

Just one interesting side result of this seems to be a little army of armchair web astrologers, handing out parcels of neat and tidy information on all features of sun signs. Why do they do this? Due to the fact the thought of keyword phrases imply that a probable customer isn’t going to search for “Aquarius sunlight, Leo moon, Aries mars etc” – they’re heading to look for for “Aquarius” – and woe betide any post which dares to drop concentration by going off subject with skills. Just about anything extra advanced than that will direct to the browsers back again button currently being strike, and pretty speedy.

Good ample, most likely this is occurring in all subjects. On the web education is obviously being led by the university student, and the educators are telling them what they talk to, and not what they want to know. Look for engines proficiently power internet websites to fulfill the have to have for immediate gratification.

The dilemma for astrology is that this obsession with solar symptoms is degrading the believability of the subject matter. People are appropriate to say “hold on, I am a Leo and I do not get along with Sagittarius! This astrology stuff is worthless!” Are specialist astrologers responsible of this way too? Of course, we are. Because usually, no one particular would read our content articles! It would be quite simple however for astrologers to put a disclaimer or warning when answering posts or composing posts, and potentially which is the option?

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